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Appalachian moonshine still

Welcome to Stillz World Headquarters “The Home of the World’s Finest American Artisan Copper Moonshine Stills. If you are looking for a fine pure copper Appalachian moonshine still, you are at the right place. Many throughout the USA are growing an interest in home made moonshine and are looking for info on how people make whiskey and make moonshine at home. While it is illegal to make shine or make homemade whiskey without federal and state licensing, it is perfectly legal to own a distilling apparatus such as an Appalachian moonshine still built to your exacting specifications. These fine moonshine stills will allow you to distill at home a number of legal products such as vinegars and essences. Built in the Appalachian tradition from copper, our stills include a moonshine thump keg and homemade whiskey moonshine worm just like the moonshine still used to make homemade moonshine and homemade whiskey also known as make shine.

Homemade Moonshine
It is illegal to make whiskey, home made moonshine, homemade shine or homemade whiskey without both federal and state licensing and bonding. Make moonshine at home and run the risk of being fined or jailed and possibly both. We do not condone the use of our Appalachian moonshine still for the purpose of making homemade shine or make shine at home or making whiskey at home nor do we encourage anyone to knowingly or unknowingly make shine, make whiskey or homemade whiskey

I use only highest quality Revere 20 oz. 22 Gauge Copper. Beautiful and easy to make shine with like a new penny. My Stills are Built to Last. I take pride in My work and it shows! 100% guarantee on workmanship!!!
If you have any problems with this or any of my other stills simply return it to me for a replacement or your money back.
This is a big heavy home made moonshine still and if you’re serious about this hobby this is the one you want. I also offer the purchase of homemade whiskey stills privately by check. I also offer 25,30, 50 and 100 gallon stills. 
2 gallon Moonshine Thumper, 45 Degree cap with 1" reduced to 1/2" Copper tube to thumper 
1/2" Copper Tube, 3/8" Moonshine Worm with hose connections, All Silver Solder, With temperature / pressure gauge.
 Our Appalachian moonshine still is AWESOME LOOKING BAR ART! Perfect For Your Mantown! A great conversation piece to provoke your fantasies about how people make home made moonshine, homemade whiskey, and homemade shine or just make shine or make whiskey at home Our Handmade Appalachian moonshine still is polished and fully tested. The homemade whiskey pot, thumper and worm are all machined rolled, hemmed and beaded. Works Perfectly! Fill it with your mash and seal the cap using Teflon plumber’s tape of black electrical tape for a nice clean seal and your ready to go! (no messy wheat paste) This homemade moonshine still is not "slapped together" there was a lot of time and skill used in the construction of this fine work of art.

Our Appalachian moonshine still is designed to be used on a propane stand burner. This still does not need to be used in a straight configuration. The homemade moonshine thumper is attached to the moonshine pot and moonshine worm using brass flare fittings allowing you the option of moving the pot and worm closer or further apart depending on your needs. Use outside for flammable concoctions.
Notice the drain plug on the home made moonshine thumper, many other stills sold on EBay do not have this option. This still will produce a finished product at 57 degrees (very important) using only tap cool water in the homemade shine worm.
 Our homemade shine still is made with heavy 20 oz. copper (.0270 - 22 ga.),brass fittings, all silver solder and water soluble flux. What a great addition to your “Moonshiner Mantown” collection of make whiskey or make shine collectables. This still was fully tested and works great. There are many uses for this still and you probably know most such as homemade moonshine are regulated by the Federal and local officials.